If you’re looking for team names then you just hit the jack pot! In true FanServant fashion we bring you the ultimate list of team names for every type of team or competition entry that you can think of. Pick whichever type of names you’re looking for and then get your clicking / tapping finger ready cause we’ve got a bunch of team names for you to enjoy!

Eeyore is attached to his tail like many grow attached to their team names. Not a bad thing!There are a lot of people that reuse the same names over and over and we’re here to tell you that is okay! A team name is an identity and it’s really pretty cool when you think about it like that. If it’s intimidating or funny and you’re in the midst of a winning streak then you can keep that same identity year after year to get the most out of it. If it’s something you really like or it means a lot to you then all the better even if it’s not that impressive. Alternatively, you can reinvent your team’s entire personality by doing something as simple as selecting a new team name. And if you find you don’t like your new name (like eeyore when he got a balloon tail) then it’s a simple problem to fix!

Whether you like to keep a consistent name or change it up every year you’ll find the team name ideas section of the site very useful. And if you’re just wanting to research existing team names for amateur and pro sports then we’ve got that too.

Fantasy Team Names

Looking for team name ideas for your fantasy team. This is your section. We’ve got them split up by fantasy sport and then each sport is categorized tagged.

Fantasy Team Name Generators

Looking for a good fantasy team name generator? Then this is where you’ll want to be. Within this section we’ve got fantasy team name generators for every type of fantasy sport. Just select your sport and let us serve you up some names!

Amateur Team Names

If you play in a real life sport league or need a team name for just about any type of competition then this is the place for you. Softball, Volleyball, Mud Runs, Color Runs, Charity Events, Work Related, etc. We’ve got them all covered.

eSports Team Names

If you play in an eSports league or need a team name for just about any type of eSports competition then this section is where you want to be. League Of Legends, Dota, Counter-Strike, Starcraft, etc. We’ve got team names for them all. Just choose your sport and we’ll put forth some options!

Professional Team Names

This section of team names is full of names of professional teams from around the world across varying sports. If you think along the lines of “Dallas Cowboys”, “San Francisco Giants”, “New York Knicks”, and “Manchester United” then you’ve got the idea of what you’ll find here.