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laramie_county_high_school_rodeo_club_team_picRodeo as a sport is known for its tough athletes and its vast array challenging competitions for competitors of all ages and events for both cowboys and cowgirls. We’ve come up with a collection of rodeo team names that are sure to get the competitions attention and to make sure that they know you’re there to win. Whether it’s a high school rodeo team match, ranch competition, inter collegiate rodeo, or even a fantasy rodeo game these rodeo team names will set you apart from the crowd. We’ve included a few below. Check out for some more funny rodeo team names. We thought it would be worth while to include a description of many of the rodeo events because there are so many and it’s enough to make anyone who’s not into rodeos curious about what the team names mean and, hopefully, interested in rodeo in general.

Rodeo Events


Both Bareback Bronc and Saddle Bronc riding involve a rider attempting to ride a bucking bronco (horse) for 8 seconds. The difference between the two primarily comes down to the equipment used. Scoring is based on both how hard / difficult the horse is being as well as how much style the rider is showing while staying on the horse. It is to the riders benefit for the horse to be as difficult as possible so long as the rider can stay on as this will maximize the score. Half of the points are awarded based on the horse’s activity level and remaining half based on the the riders style.

Bareback Rodeo Team Name Idea: Baaad Mother Bucker


In cutting, the objective if for the rider to separate or ‘cut’ cows from a herd. The objective is generally to cut 3 cows from a herd, but sometimes two is acceptable. It’s not unusual for riders to select specific cows to focus on cutting before the competition actually begins – it’s a key part of the strategy to know which cows can be controlled the most efficiently.

Cutting Rodeo Team Names Ideas: Sorting it Out or You Can’t Cut This


rodeo-springIn steer wrestling a contestant attempts to chase down a running steer while on horseback and then to “wrestle” the steer to the ground. Basically, the rider rides up next to the steer, grabs the steers horns slowing it slightly, lets his own horse ride out from underneath him, digs his heels into the ground (again slowing the steer), and then pulls the steers nose toward the ground which makes it fall over. The event is complete at that point as the whole idea stems from trying to get a steer to stop. Once the even is over the steer gets up and walks away.

Steer Wresting Rodeo Team Name Idea: Rough n Tough


In team roping two riders on horses attempt to rope a steer – one rider ropes the head of the steer and the other rider ropes the feet. The way t works is that the “header” first attempts to rope the horns or head of the steer and then, by tying the the rope to his own horse, to control the steers movements so precisely that the “heeler” can rope the steers hind feet. If either header or heeler fails to get a successful rope then the team will receive no score. Once the steer has been roped on both ends the two riders back away from one another slowly, stretching the steer until it stops. At that point, the even is complete.

Team Roping Headers and Heelers Rodeo Team Name Ideas: 2 Horns 2 Feet or The Buck Stops Here


Barrel racing is a rodeo even involving riding a horse in a clover leaf pattern around barrels laid out in a very specific way. It is a timed event so the fastest riders who are not otherwise penalized (hitting a barrel is a 5 second penalty) will win the competition. Barrel racing was originally created by women and for women. At different levels of  the rodeo world sometimes men compete in the even, but for the most part it is still primarily a rodeo event for women.

Barrel Racing Rodeo Team Name Idea: Barrel Beauty


pole-bendingPole bending is an event in which one rider attempts to run a path in a weaving pattern through 6 poles arranged in a line. It is a timed event and a time penalty is applied for any pole that is knocked over during a run. Much like in barrel racing strong horsemanship is important in order to excel at pole bending  as the entire event is about displaying excellent control of the horse while moving at the fastest possible speed.

Pole Bending Rodeo Team Name Idea: Seein’ is Beweavin’


Goat tying is an event that is not part of professional rodeo, but it often a part of youth and college level rodeo. In goat tying a participant rides to a goat that has been tied to a stake. The participant dismounts, catches the goat, throws the goat, and then ties a minimum of three of the goats legs together. Once the participant has tied the goats legs the participant can no longer touch the goat or the ties and the goat must stay tied for at east 6 seconds. If the goat is able to get loose within 6 seconds then the rider does not receive a score. The rider can also be penalized for being rougher with the goat than necessary. Goat tying is, in most cases, set up as a women’s event, but not always.

Goat Tying Rodeo Team Name Idea: 3 Legs 6 seconds


Chute dogging is similar to steer wrestling except that there are no horses involved and the steer doesn’t get a running start. Basically, the participant is place in the chute with the steer and when the even starts the participant brings the steer to a line 10 feet from the chute. At that point the participant must wrestle the steer to the ground in such a way that all four feet of the steer and the steer’s nose face the same direction on the ground. If anything faces a different direction the participant has to fix it, or let the steer up and start wrestle it to the ground again. Chute dogging is an event mostly for newcomers that let’s them get involved in wrestling steer, but without having to also be able ride with the same skill as those who participate in steer wrestling.

Chute Dogging Rodeo Team Names Ideas: Young Bucks


In Calf Roping the is a horse rider and a calf that the horse rider must catch by throwing a loop of rope around the calf’s neck. The rider then dismounts, runs to the calf, and ties the calf (any three legs). All of this must be done as quickly as possible as it is a timed event. But it must also be done carefully as penalties apply for things such as starting too early and for causing the calf to be thrown to the ground when first looped. As is the case in goat tying, if the calf gets loose from the tying within 6 seconds then the run does not count and the rider gains no points.

Tie down and Calf Roping Rodeo Team Name Idea: A Little Necking Never Hurt



Bull riding, also known as the most dangerous 8 seconds in sports, involves a rider trying to stay mounted on a bucking bull for 8 seconds. Scoring is similar to bronc riding scoring in that it is based on both how hard / difficult the bull is bucking as well as how much style the rider is showing while staying on the bull. It is to the riders benefit for the bull to be as difficult as possible so long as the rider can stay on as this will maximize the score. Half of the points are awarded based on the bull’s activity level and remaining half based on the the riders style. It is not uncommon for riders to receive a score of 0 as many riders are thrown from the bull immediately upon exiting the chute.

Bull Riding Rodeo Team Name Idea: Buckwild

Wrapping it up

Rodeos are popular all of the world and different rodeos have different events. I’ve focused on American rodeo here and offered a few funny rodeo team names for your real life rodeo competitions or for use in your fantasy rodeo leagues. I hope you’ve enjoyed. Don’t forget to check out this more extensive list of funny rodeo team names whenever you get a chance.

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