Fantasy Football Team Names 2015 – Early Edition

Fantasy football team names are about creativity and announcing to the world, or at least your fantasy football league members that you’re not backing down and that you’re coming out hard. Hoops season is winding down (or maybe is in full crescendo mode is a better way of saying it) and once that’s over we’ll get to breath for about 20 seconds and then all the glory of fantasy football begins to take hold of our lives. So for those of you that need just a little taste to get you by until the official season begins… we’re here for you. We’ve compiled the top fantasy football team names [] posted this off-season  and added a few thoughts about each one. That’s right, this is the early edition of fantasy football team names 2015.

Party Like a Gronk Star

[Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots]
Nobody seems to have as much fun both on and off the field as Rob Gronkowski. In between Sunday’s which he spends torturing defensive backs he spends his time living it up and generally just having fun.

Party Like a Gronk Star

Party Like a Gronk Star






Can You Diggs It?

[Stefon Diggs, Minnesota Vikings rookie Wide Reciever]
This guy has talent and in Minnesota all the buzz is about weather he’ll be good enough to take over one of the starting WR slots THIS YEAR. We’ll see, but if
you take him as a sleeper and name your team this and then he also pays off… that’s the trifecta.

Natural Bjoern Killers

[Bjoern Werner, Indianapolis Colts]
Take a great movie from the 90s (Natural Born Killers) and cross it with whatever pro football players name you can come up with and this is what you get. It’s a quality name and I approve.

Natural Born Thrillers

As I was typing out the the previous name I realized that the person who submitted had left something a little more generic on the table that still covers for the fans of the movie. I found this image and something (Mallory Knox – real name Juliette Lewis) made me have to use it!

Natural Born Thrillers

Natural Born Thrillers












The next few are a little bit dirty. They probably all belong added to the fantasy football version of the cult classic movie “Clerks”.

Oscar Meyer Fleener

[Coby Fleener, Indianapolis Colts]
My Fleener has has first name, it’s C-o-b-y.

CheeseHead a Lot of Dix

[Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Green Bay Packers]
I don’t get it other than it crosses the easy to laugh at name “Ha ha Clinton-Dix” with the nickname of Green Bay Packers fans “CheeseHeads”. Sometimes that’s enough I guess.

Chicks with Ditkas

[Mike Ditka]
I don’t know that he would approve. Pretty sure he wouldn’t. So that’s all I’m saying cause the dude scares me.

Tuck Rule Trannies

[Football Terms and Lingo]
If Tom Brady ever starred in a… nevermind. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of Brady references to follow. And you can always check out Tom Brady’s fantasy football team names page if you feel like lovin’ or hatin’ on the man.







Holding My Long Snapper

As long as that long snapper you’re holding doesn’t fire off too soon then everything will probably go as planned. This another terms and lingo name. Nicely done.

Turnover & TD Faulk Her

[Marshall Faulk]
I haven’t heard Marshall Faulks name in fantasy football circles in some time, but I suppose that this is one way to bring it back. Atleast it includes some football lingo as well.

Sunday Rugby Sunday

U2, McNally quote
This is a play on the U2 song “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and a McNally quote about it being another Rugby Sunday (the balls are going to be over inflated) for Tom Brady. Apparently he didn’t feel like he was being properly taken care of by whoever wanted him to get the balls to his liking.

Brady and the Deflaters

Sounds like a band name to me. Definitely not a super hero team.

Brady likes Soft Balls

While this is true that Tom Brady apparently prefers to handle softer, squishier balls… well… there’s just no where to go from there. So that’s that.

Glace Bay 40 Miners

Glace Bay was once a coal mining town. This is pretty darn niche as far as team names go, but reppin’ yo hood is a common way of naming teams… so why not your fantasy team if you’re playing with a bunch of people from the same area?

Chronic Masterdeflater

I’m a big fan of this name! It’s actually a perfect fantasy football name. It doesn’t call out anyone particular (by name) so it’s not really one of those names that plays on hate. Plus, it pokes fun at something everyone does but most people don’t talk about. I don’t even know what chronic means when it comes to the subject unless they mean you are someone who “deflates” in public because waiting ain’t an option for you.
Chronic masterdeflaters

Chronic masterdeflaters



Brady GOAT? Lets Deflate AND Tom GOAT? Lets Deflate.

This is two names. I don’t think I get it, but they were submitted and I’m trying to be nice and include everyone here. However, they do go along nicely with the chronic masterdeflating goat picture… so what’s not to love?

The Great ‘Babs’ino

[Babatunde Aiyegbusi]
I can’t explain this one in any way that makes sense. Babe Ruth, the Great Bambino, played baseball for the Yankess, the Redsox, and the Braves. He didn’t play football and he didn’t play in Minnesota. He was born in Maryland while Babatunde Aiyegbusi is Polish. I guess invoking the Bambino reference was supposed to be cool all by itself, and maybe some of you will think it is. So use it if you like it.

99 problems But a Lynch Aint 1

Marshawn Lynch is a bad dude and a hard runner. The Seahawks forgot that and didn’t let him attempt to run it in for a winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. No one can explain that decision in retrospect. Then you got the big JJ Watt, number 99. If you base naming your team on Watt’s number then you are a rare one indeed, but here’s a pick to help you bolster your case. Which ever player of the two you choose as your hero this name is quality.

99 problems but a Lynch ain't one.

JJ Watt says he’s got 99 problems but a Lynch ain’t one.










We sourced all of these from Fantasy Football Team Names where they’ve got thousands of names all indexed and tagged by player name as well as teams and other categories. Now that you’ve finished this, check them out. It’s GLORIOUS!

If you’ve got ideas for a fantasy football name then let’s hear them. Post them below or post them over at … it’s all in fun so let’s have some!

If you like these please share it with your friends! Team names is the one part of fantasy sports you don’t have to hide from opponents, so share is proudly!

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