Fantasy Baseball Team Names 2015 and Instant Classic Edition

It’s opening week for MLB baseball which means it’s also opening week for fantasy baseball. There hundreds, if not thousands, of articles out there telling you who to draft, who not to draft, which pitcher to start against which teams and, yes, even this early in the season telling you who to sell high and buy low. It’s crazy – and it’s awesome! We think what we’re here to do is far more important at this point in the season than what most of the other sites are focused on. We’re here to give you a rundown of some of the funniest fantasy baseball team names 2015 edition. We hope that doing so will encourage you to make sure you’re up to snuff when it comes to your fantasy team name.

We culled this list from and I strongly encourage you to check them out. They’ve got close to a thousand fantasy baseball team names all categorized and tagged by player name (fantasy baseball team names by player), mlb team name (fantasy baseball team names by real life team), and then by general description. It’s pretty amazing, and a good way to burn a few minutes and get a laugh so check it out! 

We’ve chosen 11 to use to illustrate the concepts behind a quality fantasy name for your baseball team.

Arch Madness – St Louis Cardinals fans can rep their team all year with this play on “March Madness”

Fantasy Baseball Team Names 2015 and Classics

These aren’t in any particular order

  1. Mama Said Tanaka You Out – LL Cool J meets MLB Pitching greatness in this fantasy baseball team name
  2. Byrnes when I Peavy – Never a good thing, except when it’s a team name
  3. RBI’d for Her Pleasure – I won’t explain this one, but this is a baseball specific great play on the termed “ribbed”. Pleasure is always good too!
  4. The Balking Dead – Another quality baseball term that’s mixed with a very popular TV show for a great name.
  5. The Kempire Strikes Back – Matt Kemp as Darth Vader would make a fabulous avatar for this team
  6. Not what you know, but Zunino – True in life. True in fantasy baseball. What you know isn’t near as important as who you know, you know?!
  7. Cub Your Enthusiasm – The Cubbies are well loved, but every year they zap the life out of their fans… next year will be different though!
  8. Sippin’ On Gin Andrus – If you like to get your drink on (or just like to live in the music of 90s) then this is your name
  9. Just Keepin’ It Villarreal – Now how this can be down voted I’m not sure, but you can’t blame the poster of this one for putting it out there as an idea.
  10. Better Safe than Soria – It’s true. Nobody like to have to say they’re Soria.

And here’s one of my favorite classics I came across on the site:

Tape a Jeter to her back – This is an oldie, bout three years, but still one of my favs. There was a commercial where little kids were asked about how to make grandma faster and one of those kids immediately piped up and responded you could “tape a Cheetah to her back”. Funny as hell. Then someone came up with this team name… instant classic!

Note: I didn’t list many from the “dirty” category as the dirty category can get pretty raunchy. It definitely lives up to its name. For example, you’ll find things like “2 in the Posey 1 in the Pujols” and “Seven Inch schLongoria” – names that border on too much but that can still be a great fit in many, if not most, leagues. The main thing to remember when you’re working on a dirty team name is to make sure you focus more on dirty than insulting. An insulting name can go over the line and make for no fun, but a name that is as dirty as can be can still be very funny without actually making anyone uncomfortable.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed these names. Hop over to visit and see their huge collection. You won’t be disappointed.

If you’ve got your own ideas for a team name then add them here in the comments and / or add them to that site.

Good luck to you all this season!

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