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It's fantasy football season so check out for the ultimate list of team names!

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Fantasy Team Names

When playing fantasy sports, rule #1 is come up with a good team name. Everyone in your league will appreciate it and you'll have a good time coming up with one so don't forget to set aside some time to come up with one. We work with a few other sites, our own writers, and you our visitors to generate and share quite a few ideas. We also have a fantasy team name generator for a variety of sports so there's no shortage of ideas for your fantasy names.

Team Names for Recreational Teams, Work Teams, Charity Groups, etc

No matter what kind of group your are in or team you are on there's pretty much one thing that everyone on the team has in common. Your team name! Your team name defines you. It gives you and every other team in the league a picture of who you are and a singular way to talk about your team. In intrumural sports you're often looking for team names that are dirty, but in team names for work you're looking for things a little less so. We've worked to provide an unreasonably large collection of team names for all kinds of teams - sometime we're even surprised by how many types are actually covered! You're certain to find something to get your creative juices flowing as you review the names in our ever growing collection.

Fantasy Tips and Tools

One of our primary goals is to help our fantasy sports users win their leagues by providing them with great fantasy tools and information. We're related to the top fantasy basketball tools website and will actually be working with them to implement some projects that here that are relevant for sports other than basketball. If we've got the tool then you can use it right here. If somebody else has a tool we think you could use then we'll be sure to point you in their direction! Feel free to use the support link to let us know if you have suggestions for tools.

e-Sports Coverage and Strategy

We've recently started covering e-sports and we'll have more information about what's included once we're all up and running.


If we find something related to sports interesting and it's probably not covered in the mainstream CONSTANTLY then those are the types of stories we'll do articles on. If you can find everything about it easily on ESPN or something like that then we're just filling up bytes in a database if we cover it also. For now, we want to bring you the unexpected stuff or atleast a special take on the "important" news everyone else is covering. Our writers often have opinions and for the most part we don't ask them to hide it. We encourage it. The good news is that we can disagree and we can still be friends!